22 February 2007

Wither Venezuela?

What is happening in Venezuela?

No, I'm not talking about Chavez’s oil deal with Ken Livingstone, nor am I talking about Chavez’s new dictatorial power.

What is happening in Venezuela concerning antisemitism?

Engage has an article pointing to the rise of antisemitism, which seems to have coincided with Chavez’s linkup with the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

This presentation shows compelling evidence of antisemitism in Venezuela.

Is this the shape of 21st century socialism?? Or another Doctor’s plot in the making?


Rob said...

The 'enabling law' isn't new.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I would dare say, a bit of both.


Matthew Stiles said...

So a banner that says "Bush + Sharon = Murderers" is anti-semitic as claimed by the presentation? Criticising the Israeli invasion of the Lebanon is anti-semitic?
I do agree that some of the critics are out of order though. I detest the conflation of the Star of the David with that of the Nazi flag but I am not so sure that this is evidence that the Chavez Govt is anti-semitic. Are you sure that the papers referred to are in fact Govt owned as claimed by the Engage article? I would be surprised if so. This seems like one more desperate smear from the right-wing.

ModernityBlog said...

it seems extraordinary that the first reaction of most modern day "Lefties" when presented with evidence (see the presentation) of antisemitism in Venezuelan is to suggest that it is a smear?

why is that??

surely, the existence of antisemitism and Venezuelan should be condemned outright?

if there had been an outbreak of overt racism in a rightwing dictatorship in Latin America, then people would have condemned it without thought, and yet because of the existence of allegedly "lefty" Chavez, all kinds of excuses are brought forward?!

and people wonder why some modern day "Lefties" appear discredited? could the two be connected?

Matthew Stiles said...

I came across this article from http://www.rethinkvenezuela.com/news/11-11-05eu.html
which is a translation of an article from "El Universal" (a very anti-Chavez paper by the way)

Jews Dismiss Charges of Anti-Semitism in Venezuela
El Universal
November 9, 2005

In Venezuela there is no anti-Semitism, and nor have there been any attacks on the Jewish community by the State, said David Bachenheimer, Secretary General of the Confederation of Jewish Associations of Venezuela (CAIV).

Henri Sobel, leader of a Jewish congregation in Sao Paulo, declared that the Venezuelan Jewish community was living in a precarious situation due to anti-Semitic positions taken by the government of president Hugo Chavez during a meeting last week with U.S. president George W. Bush.

Bachenheimer explained that the CAIV was surprised by Rabbi Sobel’s statement as he had never asked the Venezuelan Jewish community whether or not it had been victimized or persecuted.

Bachenheimer went on to say that in Venezuela there have been no problems of anti-Semitic or racist attacks and the government has always acted quickly when isolated incidents of racial or religious intolerance occur. He added that the Jewish community has never been the target of policies or campaigns against it.