30 January 2006

What Burkha?

Burkhas get a lot of criticism but as Mike Jackson shows they are a uni-sex garment:

"Pop star Michael Jackson was spotted out shopping in Bahrain wearing traditional women's attire."

Will the REAL Hamas Please Stand Up?

The current agonising over Hamas is easy to cure!

Take a look at the Hamas Covenant and do a Ctrl-F then search for the word 'Jew'

Or the Hamas Profile:

" HAMAS is a Palestinian Islamic organization established in 1987 during the first Intifada, and is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Hamas was formed in 1987 with the objective of destroying the Zionist entity that occupies Palestine, and establishing Palestine from the sea to the river based on Islamic principles."

Then sit and think about it, for a while

27 January 2006

Bush on Global Warming

Never have I seen a better summary of George W Bush's views on Global Warming than articulated here


26 January 2006

Galloway’s demise

I am not a fan of voyeuristic TV, such as Channel 4’s Big Brother, but ridiculous spectacle of George Galloway in the House made me laugh. His nasty character was open for all to see, and we didn’t have to wait too long for that to appear.

As a public service, I present some amusing links on Galloway’s time in the Big Brother House


Mreugenides’ Galloway Watch

Harry’s Place

Update: The Scotsman, newspaper, now has a whole section on Galloway's antics:

Ugly times on way for Gorgeous George

Lazy Guide to Net Culture: Go away Galloway

17 January 2006

Change of Date

The UN designated 27 January as the annual Holocaust Memorial Day, however, it falls on a Friday this year, many events will be held on the 26 January 2006.

See Holocaust Memorial Day Trust for more information.

14 January 2006

David Got Him Sussed

David Aaronovitch’s comments on Galloway's appearance in the Big Bro House are very amusing:

Watching him, you realise that Mr Galloway is what the American playwright Heathcote Williams called a “psychic imperialist”. He wants to be inside our heads, to colonise our minds. “A billion and a half Muslims,” he told Rula, “know who I am.” So, fishermen in the remote south of the Philippines speak about Mr George? It’s a fantasy, but a revealing one. He was the one who advised Saddam Hussein to give up WMD — “Look, I told him . . .”

Videos for Free

Google's latest feature is video and very hand it is too!

Simply go to http://video.google.com/

and type in a theme and view them

the help files are here

for free videos try the command line 'is: free'

13 January 2006

BBC Gives Out

The BBC has released video and media from its archive

You to sign up first

Best read the Creative Archive Licence

and get those clips

I liked the Anniversary of the 1969 moon landing, enjoy!

05 January 2006

Partisan Bill has Gone

It is reported that "ROME - Urbano Lazzaro, a resistance fighter credited with arresting fascist dictator Benito Mussolini at the end of World War II, has died at age 81, officials said Wednesday."