26 December 2005

Site of the Year

The festive season gets to us all and blogging loses out!

My present to you is the site of the year: jibjab

They were notorious for “This Land”, but I think “Bush Dance” is good, “Good to be in DC” is a nice parody and my favourite is “Second Term”.


12 December 2005

Site of the Week 15

As the weeks tend to slow towards Xmas, so do the postings!

Anyways, after a along hard slog cross the Internet, Site of the Week goes to:


06 December 2005

Cranky about the ME or Not?

If we were to believe the cranks and pessimists then peace in the Middle East is unlikely but I have believed, for some time, that there was a political imperative in Israel for peace. The latest report on poverty in Israel confirms my feeling that, in the long-term, Israelis have everything to gain and little to lose from the demilitarisation of the conflict.

But we shall see, as much depends onif the Arab states stop the fermenting violence, and how the Palestinian leadership reconciles the years of misleadership and corruption.

02 December 2005

Hot and Foxy

The Mozilla Foundation has released version 1.5 of Firefox, and when combined with some nifty extensions it is a real alternative to M$'s Internet Explorer.