14 January 2006

David Got Him Sussed

David Aaronovitch’s comments on Galloway's appearance in the Big Bro House are very amusing:

Watching him, you realise that Mr Galloway is what the American playwright Heathcote Williams called a “psychic imperialist”. He wants to be inside our heads, to colonise our minds. “A billion and a half Muslims,” he told Rula, “know who I am.” So, fishermen in the remote south of the Philippines speak about Mr George? It’s a fantasy, but a revealing one. He was the one who advised Saddam Hussein to give up WMD — “Look, I told him . . .”

1 comment:

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Probably the most of the currently living 7 billions or so know what toilet paper is, most of those also know how to use it. So?

GG crossed the line between mere nincompoopery and the barking mad wings.