18 February 2007

Are You a Closet Conspiracy Freak?

Well, are you a closet conspiracy freak?

Go on admit it!

or at least take the BBC conspiracy test

I got 26-50:

"Your responses indicate that you have a medium level of belief in conspiracy theories. You may well be quite trusting of your close friends, partners, those you work with and others but sometimes cannot be sure of all of them all of the time. You may also feel that your voice in terms of wider political decisions is rarely heard or acted upon, perhaps because government and big business is more concerned with their own interests than with those of the average person."

and I thought that I was just a bit cynical, but fortunately I don't need a tinfoil hat, well not just yet?


Tim Allen said...


Modernity - are you interested in psychology? This is just a bit of fun, but I'm interested nonetheless. If you like, take the test at that link, and then, having read your 4 letters, read the description at the website below (the ones at the site with the free test aren't so good). I'd be interested to know what you came out as.

tim allen said...


ahh sorry, that website for the descriptions.

The thing is I'm wondering how people's personality correlates to their political views.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Tinfoil hats! Ha! It is old stuff, absolutely not good for our new mind control rays.