11 October 2006

The Next Plot?

After 9/11, after Darfur .... just wait for it... the "Zionist's plot over North Korea's nukes"? Ami Isseroff explains:

"Very likely, the next evil to be blamed on the Zionists is the North Korean A-bomb or the fight against it. We can envision several versions of this theory. One version will hold that Kim Jong Il is really a Mossad spy who had plastic surgery. He got the nuclear technology from Mossad agents. A second theory will explain contrarily that it is only Jews who are interested in stopping North Korea from obtaining nuclear weapons, just as it is widely accepted that only "Zionists" are worried about the Iranian nuclear development program. The latter theory will probably be propagated by the North Korean government. Pretty soon Counterpunch, Antiwar and similar sources of enlightenment will be insisting that "Zionist neocons" and Mossad agents have infiltrated the governments of China, Russia, France and the US. "

Now any other time we might even joke about it, but given the political climate and the prevalence of conspiracy theories I think that Ami is probably right on this one.

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