12 October 2006

BNP "Terrorists"

Sunny at Pickled Politics asks some very pertinent questions concerning the BNP "terrorists", who were recently arrested:

"Why did the story not make national headlines as it should have? Various reasons seem to be attributed to this. Earlier today I spoke to one BBC exec who found it “utterly bizarre” they missed the story. He first saw it on Pickled Politics and flagged it up to others, who were caught unaware.

The BBC national news team relies on various channels to feed them information. Among them are their own reporters, feeds from news wire services such as PA and stories flagged up by local radio teams. In this case, for whatever reason, it seems neither of these channels fed the story back to “the system”, I was told.

This came from a source who would have loved to do the story. But PA did not pick it up, BBC Radio Lancashire did not flag it up and the police did not inform the national press. You may ask why they didn’t? Wasn’t it a big story?"

Update: obviously we don't wish to prejudge the issue and certainly it might be common amongst BNP members to have a wide range of armaments or explosives in their houses but for the rest of humanity that behaviour is a bit abnormal.

We could, of course, conclude that they had these weapons and explosives for a reason, and being fascists, it shouldn't be too hard to work out what their "reasoning" was: attack people that disagreed with them.

Let us hope that the criminal justice system deals very harshly with them, once they are found guilty.


The Bournemouth Nationalist said...

The 49-year-old has been arrested under the Explosives Act on suspicion of possessing chemicals that may be capable of making an explosion.

However Superintendent Neil Smith moved to reassure residents and stressed: "It is not a bomb making factory" and added that it was not related to terrorism.

Officers have been at the address since last Thursday and have been conducting door to door inquiries. Forensic officers have seized his car for examination.

Supt Smith added: "We are making inquiries in relation to what we have found at his address and to establish what offences he may have committed.

"He's not a terrorist and it's not a bomb factory but we are interested in what we have seized from his house. It will take expert advice to establish exactly what he has got.

"He was arrested under the Explosives Act on suspicion of possessing chemical substances that aren't in themselves an offence to possess but if combined may be capable of making an explosion."

The plot doesn't thicken - it thins. After all, you can make an explosion with a gallon of petrol (not recommended). And every farmer with a tankload of diesel and a bag of fertilizer is in possession of chemicals that may be capable etc.

"To establish what offences he may have committed", eh ?


Sunny said...

Hey mate,

It's tricky to call them "terrorists" before the trial has actually happened. The BNP lawyers may try and say you are trying to influence the outcome. A small chance but they'll prolly try anything.

Bournemouth -
So let's get this straight. The guy is found with a "record haul" of chemicals that can potentially be used for explosives, rocket launchers, chemical suits etc... What do yo think it was for? A garden party?

ModernityBlog said...

pointed taken Sunny, I will revise it :)