27 February 2006

Books II

After ten minutes of data entry I can give my ill informed views of both librarything and www.bibliophil.org

Librarything has been reviewed before here and here and here. It seems that many issues from the early reviews have been ironed out

I had high hopes for www.bibliophil.org, as I am a fan of cooperative software but some of the basic design seems lacking and it seems way too American-centric.


Pros: Free

Cons: Difficult to enter non-US based ISBNs, not possible to manually enter books. Design of indexing needs reworking.


Pros: Ease of data entry, possible to manually enter non-ISBN books. Community of books lovers and browsing of other people's book catalogues. Free up to 200 books

Con: Costs over 200 books, export should allow for non-CSVs formats. Search of ISBN catalogue should be automated according to user profile.

I shall be looking at Online Library 1.0 from www.creatisoft.com

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