25 February 2006

Book Lovers of the World Unite!

I tend to allocate too much space to books and reading material, one of my pet hates is losing track of books or key passages from a particular book that I have just read.

The idea of catalogue all of my books appealed to me, in a strange way

Two sites seem to offer that ability:



Google directory lists a wide range of alternatives

Still to decide which is better tho.


Judeosphere said...

Very cool! Too bad, though, that those sites can't send overdue notices to my friends who never seem to return my books when I lend them out.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I wish I could believe in the success of this venture - no matter how high-tech it gets. Tried it, no luck. It fizzles out usually after a period of time. Which period is mainly the measure of our determination, but still...

Yeah, and them thievish friends...