28 May 2005

State of the Guardian?

Small wonder over the years that I have become increasingly dissatisfied with the attitude and content of the Guardian newspaper.

This exchange is on a serious subject (AUT blacklist) and yet receives a flippant response from the Guardian.

It is frightening that alleged committed trade unionists (Sue Blackwell, etc ) don't take the elementary approach of knowing their union rulebook, off by heart, and therefore do not moan when legitimate rules are enacted. It is very clear that the previous AUT discussion on the blacklist was faulty and limited. So a widespread discussion of the issues surrounding the AUT blacklist should be welcomed by all committed trade unionists, but clearly not by the political mavericks and obsessives with a chip on their shoulder.

The days of smoke-filled rooms are long gone and so should be back handed dealings, issues such as academic freedom, selective boycotts, the Middle East and anti-Semitism need inclusive deliberations not posture politics.

Norm sums it up : "Anyone who doubts that what begins with Sue Blackwell will end with Arbeit Macht Frei is simply refusing to listen to the sad, eternal klezmer music of history. Weigh my words-- every last one of them."

Victor Klemperer's diary entry for 10th March, 1933:

"No one dares make a move. The Dresden student body made a declaration today and the honour of German students forbids them to come into contact with Jews. They are not allowed to enter the Student House. How much Jewish money went towards this Student House only a few years ago!"

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