23 May 2005

Blackwell sees the 'Elders of Zion'?

The response to AUT blacklist have been most interesting, and none more so than Sue Blackwell's comments recently, as detailed at Engage:

“I’m not very optimistic about the outcome,” she added “We are up against a backlash, being promoted by a well-organized, well-funded pro-Israeli lobby.”

She seems to see Zionist conspiracies behind every response to the disgusting blacklist.

David Hirsh explains her attitude:

"Sue Blackwell does not understand what is going on right now. She thinks that when Israel is on the agenda, something particular happens. The whole world goes completely hysterical, she thinks, a special case is made, and a well-organised, well-funded Zionist lobby rises up and defeats good, honest leftist trade unionists."

But the reality is very different:

"That was why we organised Engage; we wanted the authentic left to have a voice with which it could intervene in the struggle between Palestinian and Israeli nationalisms.

A couple of days later, Jon phoned me again, having found a copy of AUT’s rulebook. A Special Council could be called, he mused, if 25 Council Members ask for it. Why hadn’t it been organised then? Should we do it? Yes. Lets do it. So we put up a call for Council Members to contact us on the website . We argued that the decision had been undemocratic, terribly wrong, it had put AUT in legal jeopardy and we couldn’t wait a whole year to undo the damage."

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