01 June 2007

The Blog Is Dead, Long Live The Blog

I used to like blogger, but those incompatibility problems with Opera are annoying me, and I lost all of those careful links that I had lovingly added to a (yet unpublished) long post, so in a fit of pique (it was my own fault, I should have been more careful) I have migrated to Word Press.

The new address for Modernity Blog, is http://modernityblog.wordpress.com/


Jim Denham said...

"Shiraz Socialist" did the same. Come and join us over at "Word Press"!
(P.S: We have no commercial interest in Word Press)

ModernityBlog said...


it was your fine (and free (that helps)) example that set me thinking!

Charlie Pottins said...

So, my Mum used to hate "Gerries".
And I was also rought up to hate "Japs".
I dare say in South africa a lot of lack people if truth was known would have admitted to hating whites.
You can call it racism.
It is certainly wrong.
But there is a difference racism that is the cause of a conflict, and racism that is its byproduct.
To remove the lattert you must remove its cause.

ModernityBlog said...


this blog is DEAD, normally I ignore comments posted here but in your particular case I'd ask, what do your comments relate to? what particular point are you making?

my blog is on Wordpress, NOT blogspot


Anonymous said...

I have always loved your blogs. I hope your Word Press blog is doing well. Best of Luck!

This is Joshua from Israeli Uncensored News

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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