02 April 2007

The UN and Darfur

Adam LeBor's article in The Times on the failure of the UN over Darfur raises important questions:

"The slaughter in Darfur could be curtailed or even brought to a close without military intervention. Measures might include: deploying UN troops in Chad to prevent cross-border raids; targeted sanctions on Sudan’s oil industry; using trade to pressure China to stop its support for Khartoum; and even threats to boycott the Beijing Olympics.

If there were sufficient political will. It seems there is not. If we cannot act to help to stop the killing, at least we could provide a safe home for Darfuris here. On January 27, on Holocaust Memorial Day, government ministers once more pledged “never again”. How empty those words sound now. The Home Office organised the first Holocaust Memorial Day ceremonies. Now civil servants in the same ministry are overseeing the deportation to likely imprisonment, torture, even death, of refugees fleeing the 21st-century’s first genocide. Have we no shame?"


Anonymous said...

Why should we be responsible for Muslim atrocity, when the Muslim world is itself silent and uncaring? I think we need to reconsider our outlook - the fact that we regard it as obscene does not mean WE have a reponsiblity for it. Its happening within Islam; Islam should deal with it.

ModernityBlog said...

Look, if you want to rant about Muslims or stir up racial hatred please do me a big favour and just fuck off to a BNP message board, your views are vile, stupid and ignorant

I am not interested in such stupidity

Anonymous said...

Never mind that crap - YOUR stupidity - why don't you answer the question?

"Why should we be responsible for Muslim atrocity, when the Muslim world is itself silent and uncaring? "

Anonymous said...

Modernity Blog is a Jew trying to stir up shit in an Islamic country on behalf of the only entity to which he owes loyalty: his tribe and its poxy little failed state.

'Save Darfur' is a dead end. Nothing's at stake for the West. And it doesn't matter to us if the Zionist colony goes down either.