16 April 2007

How Will This Be Excused Away?

As the battalions of “anti-imperialists” rolled back the frontiers with every car bomb attack, kidnapping, gas attack and beheading there is news from Algeria.

According to reports, a statement has been released by the Al-Qaeda Movement in Islamic Countries of the Maghreb:

"We will not be in peace until we have liberated all the land of Islam from crusaders, apostates and agents, and we have retaken our Andalusia (in southern Spain) and our violated Al-Quds (Jerusalem)."

So far it is reported that they have “... killed 33… with 222 people injured in the bomb attacks, 21 were still in hospital on Sunday.”

I shouldn't wonder that they will get a standing ovation from Respect/SWP delegates to the Cairo conference, or their killing spree will at least be excused away, has so often occurs in “anti-imperialist” circles.

[Enough sarcasm, I think I am going to be sick]

Update: John Rees welcomes a good chinwag with some very dubious company, according to reports in Al-Ahram Weekly:

"Where else can you sit down in a single evening and listen to senior people from Hamas, Hizbullah, the Muslim Brotherhood..."

I wonder what the topics were?

Hamas and Hezbollah's expertise in bomb-making, organising suicide bombings or perhaps how best to place rockets among civilians?

The Muslim brotherhood probably lectured on the implementation of Sharia law and the caliphate? Or possibly how best to dispense with civil rights for women, gays, Jews or anyone disagreeing with them?

I'll bet that Comrade Rees was clapping his hands throughout their talks.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed and agreed with your comments on the Cario Conference at Harry's Place - and this post just underlines the sickness of the Islamophiles's approach and that of the SWP. The Group Salifiste pour la Predication et le Combat (GSPC), now Al-Qaeda, have been 'defended' by the like, notably Bob Pitt of Islamophobia Watch, who has claimed in the past that their tragets are military-political. And cited the, undoubted, repressive nature of the Algerian 'pouvoir'.

Now, after this outrage, by contrast, the Algerian secularists have attacked the government for its softness in the process of national reconciliation which was supposed to end the Islamicists war of terror (Le Monde, Liberation, passim). This has not been mentioned, as far as I know, by any commentator, least of all by the Guardian style beguiled liberal-lefty, in the British press.

Nor indeed is the SWP-Respect likely to mention that one of the (many) reasons the French left largely loathes Islamicism is that the Islamos have murdered large numbers of Algerian leftists, trade unions, social democrats, secularists and feminists, from the late 1980s onwards.

Andrew Coates

ModernityBlog said...

thank you for your comment.

I have always found your contribution to this debate very worthwhile and in particular your informed comments on French topics at DaveOsler are by far the most sensible around

Cheers :)

Anonymous said...

John Rees and his grovelling to some of the most reactionary forces in the wotld today, is simply a disgrace Faced with someone like him, I have to confront a very real dilemma: if he is, really, a genuine representative of the "left", then I am not left-wing. If, on the other hand, I *am* left-wing, them Rees is simply a pro-fascist, grovelling arsehole. No prizes for guessing which account I prefer.
-Jim Denham