11 March 2007

Jewish Book Week’s Audio Archive

One of Harry's Place’s most sensible commentators, ami, pointed me towards the Jewish Book Week’s audio archive.

There are some fascinating discussions and topics, here’s a selection of some that I intend to listen to:


Karl Marx for the 21st Century

The People on the Street

The Art of Authorised Biography

Composing a Nation

Passions: Vasily Grossman


Freud, Psychoanalysis and Anti-Semitism

The Jewish Question

Apprehending Eichmann

Genes and Genesis

The Lie that Wouldn't Die

Enjoy the Archive

Update: it seems that the MP3 archive is active from 2006 onwards, not 100% sure but that's what I found :(


Renegade Eye said...

Some of the books look great.

I found this blog at Shiraq.

Fabián said...

How do you download something? I can't find the way to download "The Jewish Question".

Please help. Thanks.

Fabián said...

ok. :(