24 January 2007

Ceasefire In Darfur?

If ever there is a UN prize for political cynicism, murder and warfare then the Sudanese government is probably in with a fair chance of winning it.

The BBC headline says it all Sudan leader admits Darfur raids”, despite having its arm twisted to agree the recent UN ceasefire, the Sudanese government continues to cause bloodshed in Darfur and they have the cheek to comment: “Mr Bashir said the action did not breach a UN-brokered ceasefire signed earlier this month”.

Oh yeah? So it's not really a ceasefire, is it? If the Sudanese government can use massive military force whenever it chooses?

The UN should have moved in NATO and AU troops with a strong monitoring element to publicise the Sudanese government's support of genocide and failure to comply with the basic agreements to resolve the conflict in Darfur.

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