07 September 2006

Will It Be So Predictable?

After collecting information over the past year, the All Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Antisemitism report will be published today.

Whilst I do not wish to prejudge the issue, I suspect that the response from the usual suspects (fanatical anti-Zionists) will be all too predictable.

Fanatical anti-Zionists will probably say (and I'm guessing, but with some precedent):

1. “OK, there were a large number of physical attacks on Jews in Britain, but (and this is a big but) Israel is fundamentally to blame for the increase in anti-Semitism” (letting off every BNP type thug or neo-Nazi)

2. “anti-Semitism wouldn’t be a problem if British Jews distance themselves from Israel” (presumably by carrying placards, daily)

3. “anti-Semitism? What? the real issue is Islamophobia and the occupation of Arab lands by colonialist armies”

4. “anti-Semitism? never heard of it? It is exaggerated, even if it exists”

5. “anti-Semitism wouldn’t be a problem, if Israel didn't exist and never mind history, Israel is to blame (whatever the problem)”

6. etc

Responses to the report will no doubt forget that no other ethnic/social/religious minority in Britain would ever be blamed for provoking the attacks against themselves, and yet Jews are often blamed for bringing attacks upon themselves.

What nasty racist hypocrisy.

An example, can you imagine someone saying “he’s Turkish/Irish/Afro-Caribbean I thought that it was only right and proper to attack him, I am not to blame, it is his fault, he is to blame for being Turkish/Irish/Afro-Caribbean”

But we shall see, I hope I haven't prejudged the issue too much.

Update 1: the report is here
Radio 4's Today has a small piece here on it, with Iain Duncan-Smith and Inayat Bunglawala and here
with Shalom Lappin and Steven Rose (who interrupts and foaming at the mouth)

Update 2: Steven Rose uses excuse number 2 and 5, how predictable

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