14 September 2006

Ideas on Darfur

I commend Peter Tatchell's suggestions on Darfur:

"# Enforce a no-fly zone over Darfur to halt the Sudanese bombing of African villages

# Send into Darfur a 15,000-strong UN peace-keeping force to protect the civilian population and aid workers, keep the warring factions apart, and disarm the militias

# Provide food, clothing, shelter and medical care to the victims of the conflict, and provide the refugees with assistance to leave the camps, return to their homes and rebuild their lives and communities

# Impose sanctions against the Sudanese government leaders and the leaders of the Janjaweed militia, including an arms embargo and arraignment before the International Criminal Court on charges of war crimes, torture and crimes against humanity"

Also, see Global Day for Darfur and events in London

1 comment:

|3run0 said...

Al of these things would be good, if implemented. But unless the Sudanese government starts cooperating (not a chance unless a lot of pressure is applied) or the 'international community' grows a spine, implementation is very unlikely.

Also, there are not many countries willing to contribute troops to such a force, let alone credible combat troops. NATO can't find 2000 men to a mission it was already commited to. And a NFZ would require basing rights in Chad or thereabouts, and someone willing to privide the aircraft and ground troops (realistically, US or France). Forget the Red Sea. Too far, requires overflight of much of Sudan, parking a carrier in the middle of the Red Sea would disrupt the shipping lanes, and the US is unlikely to have a carrier to spare for an open-ended comitment.

Alternatively, Israel could drop a few bombs in Darfour, build a settlement, or whatever. That would ensure Arab League outrage, protest marches and endless professions of solidariry with Darfurians. Just an idea.