12 August 2006

Vulture Man or Green Helmet

Never let it be said that I don't, at least, try to have a sense of humour (altho, I think some of my few commenters don't always get the jokes, pity)

So continuing a theme, I present the Green Helmet Guy


Oh by the way, if some people need me to explain : why I think that Hezbollah’s helpers are lower than vultures for desecrating dead bodies on camera, then me explaining it won't make much difference, because it should be damn obvious from the outset and hardly require an explanation.


Matt (formerly anon) said...

I don't think anyone is asking you to explain why you think Hezbollah are wrong for doing what they're doing. It's obvious, and I agree.

But to point out what you did implies that the other side are not doing essentially the same thing.

And it also seems to imply that we don't live in a world where governments and groups *constantly* manipulate situations for political advantage - e.g Sept 11th by Bush, Princess Diana by Blair, to name two things off the top of my head.

It's ugly, it's happened thousands of times. To focus on one side of the conflict manipulating the media whilst not acknowledging that the other side is doing the same is frankly a bit bizarre. Israel have been censoring news items filmed in Israel (for broadcast in other countries) for years. If you are suspcious of the news reports coming out of Lebanon (as you should be) then you should also be suspicious of reports from Haifa or Tel Aviv.

Please DO NOT try and dodge my point again by simply saying that I love Hezbollah and act like I'm condoning what they did. I'm not, I'm questioning your one-sidedness in this.

Duke_of_Chaos said...

Yo Matt! You really do have verbal diarrhoea. I have absolutely no problem with the notion that the great and merely powerful in this world will manipulate and stage-manage certain events. However, it a major leap of {bad} faith to compare the ridiculous notion of 11/9 being a set-up to the very real claim that many Israeli “atrocities” have been stage-managed by enemies of Israel. One would require wide-spread deception on the macro-level; the others occurred on the meso-levels. Guess which is easier to manipulate.

So there.

Duke_of_Chaos said...

Another point, Modernity. I can clearly see what the Green Helmet Guy represents, but who is he? I think I missed that one at Harry's Place.

Matt said...

Who said that nine-eleven was a set up? Not me. I said "manipulated". It was, after all, a genuine Israeli atrocity on that Hez film, but Hez cynically manipulated the event to maximise their good publicity. The same thing that any side that ever fought in a war did, essentially.

ModernityBlog said...


It is not clear exactly who Green Helmet is, but he seems to have some authority, so I would assume that is he a local Hez. type person.

Also, see the CNN story on Hez. guided tours, etc.

Anonymous said...


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