23 August 2006

TV from the Middle East

Obtaining a wide range of views on events in the Middle East can be hard, but there is a solution:

Use the Holy Land Radio tool bar

From Firefox, do Tools->Extensions->Find More Extensions

Which will bring you to Firefox Add-ons Extensions

In the search box (upper right) type: Holy

And this entry should appear: Holy Land Radio tool bar

After installing the Holy Land Radio tool bar, you will have direct access to Israeli newspaper feeds and four TV channels, across the web. The TV channels offer a nice balance, countering much of the distorted news that is shown in the West. They are remarkably critical and even harsh about Israeli society.

The tool bar offers a web range of webcams, plenty of goodies, etc.

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Anonymous said...

I emailed that link to an Israeli friend in London. He points out that this is a highly selective right-wing Israeli site which includes Arutz Sheva, the settlers' tv station, but not Channels Two and Ten, which are the mainstream Israeli news channels. Useful stuff, but only up to a point.