28 August 2006

New Verbs?

English is a flexible language, incorporating foreign words with ease, and so the recent conflict in the Middle East gave birth to a new word: Hezbollization


(noun) A process whereby evil murderous thugs are turned into everyday heroes by an overzealous mainstream media. Hezbollize

(verb) Assign great social importance to gangsters, treat them as celebrities (Hez-boll-ized, Hez-boll-iz-ing, Hez-boll-iz-es)

Example 1: "Cross burnings bring warmth and comfort to homes without central heating, as caring KKK activists distribute clean white clothing among impoverished kids."

Example 2: "Crips, Bloods, MS 13 organize daily after school programs, engage minority children in pharmacological economics and ballistics training"


super-pedant said...

Liguistically this doesn't feel right.
Hezbollization might be alright for Hezboll the party of Go, but Hezbollisization is more appropriate for Hezbollah the party of God.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

FYI - in Israel Hezbollah members are called Hezballoons (actually, Hezballons, where ballon is the local derivative of balloon).