20 July 2006

Unlikely Allies?

Israel has found some unlikely allies: Robert Fisk and the Arab League.

Remember that Fisk and Arab League are ardent critics of Israel.

Robert Fisk confirms that Hezbollah pre-planned this conflict:

“The original border crossing, the capture of the two soldiers and the killing of three others was planned, according to Hassan Nasrallah, the Hizbollah leader who escaped assassination by the Israelis on Friday evening, more than five months ago.“

As the Washington Post comments:

“In a stunning development, the 22-member Arab League criticized Hezbollah for provoking the current crisis. It is unprecedented for the Arab League to criticize any Arab party while it is actively engaged in hostilities with Israel.”

So Hezbollah are to blame, well that just confirms it!


johng said...

Why no comment on the Lebanese Communist Party?

There statement is below. Strange to boast about getting support from the Saudi's, Egypt and Jordan. Nothing 'strange' about that. Thats how the middle east was run for three decades. There were claims being made that this was all set to change.

Meanwhile back in the real world here's the Lebanese Communist Party (who just lost two fighters yesterday, and are fighting alongside Amal, Hezbollah, and a number of other groups, some believed to be Christian. This is a dimension thats going to grow. A very Cosmopolitan Islamist resistance!

LCP politbureau statement

The Lebanese Communist Party hails the heroic resistance fighters and calls for opposing the entry of NATO forces

23 July 2006

The Political Bureau of the Lebanese Communist Party reviewed the dangerous repercussions of the Zionist aggression against Lebanon and its people that has continued for 12 days and noted the following:

First: The Political Bureau hails the noble resistance heroes in the ranks of the patriotic and Islamic resistance who are writing with their blood the most splendid pages in the history of our people and our Arab Nation. It sees in their heroism the rays of a new dawn of freedom for all the peoples of the region suffering under the yoke of the United States and Israel at a time when the Arab regimes have abandoned their places to link themselves entirely with America's plans.

Second: The plans for a solution proposed by the George Bush administration, in particular the "New Middle East," and the drive to introduce NATO troops into our south are plans aimed, not only at protecting the borders of Israel and liquidating our people's resistance and ability to reject the surrender settlements that it aims to impose on our region, but opens the way before the Zionists to wipe out the Palestine issue displacing its people once again and pushing he Arabs into a maelstrom of partition and endless conflicts.

Condoleezza Rice's trip to the region is only for the purpose of marketing this plan, which we reject in whole and in part. We demand that the Lebanese government take a resolute stand rejecting the entry into our south of forces from the western alliances – forces with which we had bitter experiences during the Israeli aggression of 1982 and the events that followed it. We also demand that the government call for a comprehensive national meeting to lay out plans for putting an end to the aggression and for dealing with the internal problems in a way that preserves Lebanon and its people, not one based on the interests of the aggressors.

Third: It will not be possible to confront the new stage in the Zionist-American plan in an effective and comprehensive way if we fail to pay adequate attention to those who have been displaced by the aggressive war and thrown once again on the roads of exile. It is the duty of the state, as represented by the Supreme Relief Council and all the service ministries to guarantee appropriate dwellings for those now sleeping on the sidewalks, in addition to insuring that food, medicine, and medical care be provided them and all those who still live in the areas exposed to daily bombardment by the Zionist forces.

Fourth: The Political Bureau of the Lebanese Communist Party calls on all leftist, progressive, and democratic forces in the world to broaden the scope of their solidarity activity with Lebanon, not only by organizing demonstrations and protests in front of the embassies of the United States and Israel in their countries, but by sending delegations and committees to Lebanon to investigate the facts and to see up close the crimes that Israel is committing against the Lebanese people, beginning with its massacres of peaceful residential districts and up to its use of internationally prohibited weapons (including poison gas; phosphorous bombs; cluster, fragmentation, and vacuum bombs; as well as depleted uranium).

The Politbureau also calls on the Arab peoples to press their governments to take real action in support of Lebanon, and calls on the peoples of Egypt, Jordan, and Morocco to close the embassies of Israel in their countries.

Eternal glory to the resistance fighters and the heroic martyrs!

Lebanon will triumph over the aggressors!

Beirut, 23 July 2006.

The Political Bureau of the Lebanese Communist Party

Anonymous said...

Hezabollah is to blame for what Hezbollah did. Israel is to blame for what Israel did.

I might provoke a serial killer but that doesn't mean the serial killer is not responsible for his subsequent actions.

Grow up! To criticise Hezbollah does not mean condoning Israel.

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