30 July 2006


Judeosphere points to an alarming trend amongst some anti-Israel counter demonstrators: the Hezbollah salute.

Of course, astute readers would know that it is also the Nazi salute.

So, genuine and sincere non-racist "anti-Zionists" have to decide:

do they really want to keep the company of individuals that march around to the Hitler salute?

Sadly, my guess is that it is the shape of things to come, and needs to be opposed tooth and nail.


Anonymous said...

Obviously those people protesting using that salute are cocks (and either deeply excitable or anti-semitic), but I am not sure in Hezbollah's case this salute is actually representative of anti-semitism.

The Iranian national team managed to do that salute before every game in the world cup, drawing zilch condemnation from FIFA.

So I'm guessing that that salute has a meaning (I think a Shia meaning) separate from support for Hitler or anti-semitism.

It's quite important that we know that, I think.

Anonymous said...

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