03 May 2006

MEMRI videos and FireFox

MEMRI is a very useful resource, and Engage highlighted the latest trip of Neturei Karta rabbis Dovid Weiss and Aharon Cohen to Iran, that I wanted to watch.

However, my favourite browser, Firefox, does not like the CastUP video page at MEMRI, but some solutions are at hand.

Cheap and nasty solution: Right click, Copy Link Location from the [Play button], start up M$ Media Player and paste into [File] Open URL space. It will now play, without IE.

Simple solution: Right click and Save Link As, later on open with your pet media player, such MPC

Better solution: download the extension, MediaPlayerConnectivity.

After re-starting Firefox it will go thru a Setup Wizard (best take the defaults), go to the required MEMRI video and click on Play.

MediaPlayerConnectivity will bring up a left panel, either select the individual video or click on Play as playlist, which should bring up the associated media player. It works with both Media Player Classic and M$ Media Player.

It is not perfect but given M$’s attitude and software, they will do for now and Firefox 1.0.7 seems fairly happy.

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John-Paul said...


It's also worth noting there is an Internet Explorer extension for Firefox that will get you through pinches like this. You can simply open web pages that are problematic in Firefox in an "IE tab":