13 April 2006

What Next Saudi?

Remember the song? “what the world needs now is nukes sweet nukes?” a modern remake of the 1960's favourite.

After Iran’s quests for nukes, now we have Saudi Arabia thinking about them, according to reports:

“DOHA - Kuwaiti researcher Abdullah Al Nufaisi told a seminar in Doha, Qatar, that Saudi Arabia is preparing a nuclear program, the Middle East Newsline reported. He said that Saudi scientists were urging the government to launch a nuclear project, but had not yet received approval from the ruling family.

Riyadh denies any intention to establish a nuclear energy program, but Gulf sources told the Middle East Newsline that Saudi officials have been discussing a nuclear research and development program - and that the program would be aided by Pakistan and other Riyadh allies. "Saudi Arabia will not watch as its neighbors develop nuclear weapons," a Gulf source said, adding, "It's a matter of time until a Saudi nuclear program begins." ”

Whatever happened to the campaign against the proliferation of nukes?

a forgotten dream now? Where are they now? Soon to be re-named Campaign for the proliferation of Nukes in the Middle East? Or Campaign for Nuclear Enrichment (as long as it happens in the Middle-East)

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