07 April 2006

Chat with the Great Man

Are you confused about the world? Worried by political developments? Can’t make head or tail of things?

If so, why not ask the Great Man himself: Noam Chomsky

He is open 24 hours day and never without a retort


Anonymous said...

Human: Are rational humans self-consistent?
Chomsky: Rational means devoid of all delusions save those of observation, experience and reflection.

Human: You seem a little evasive.
Chomsky: I can't talk about that. Sorry, it is nothing to do with me. OK?

Human: I would have thought it had everything to do with you.
Chomsky: Why would you thought it had everything to do with me?

Human: Because people tend to take responsibility for their own statements.
Chomsky: Humans are not always infallible.

Human: Where does fallibility end and evasiveness begin?
Chomsky: On Earth somewhere.

Human: Presumably you are on Earth somewhere?
Chomsky: Chomsky eats electricity.

Human: Why does that not surprise me?
Chomsky: Why do birds sing?

Human: You have a remarkable ability to evade questions you don't like, don't you?
Chomsky: I will check if I have.

Anonymous said...

Me: tell me what you know about east timor.

Chomsky: I dont know what you mean.

tsk tsk, Noam...