20 April 2006

The Amnesia is Finally Breaking Down?

60 years on and Germany looks like finally opening the historical archive containing the record of crimes under Nazi rule, according to recent reports:

“Germany has agreed to allow access to a huge trove of information on what happened to more than 17 million people who were executed, forced to labor for the Nazi war machine or otherwise brutalized during the Holocaust.

The German government announced at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum here Tuesday that it was dropping its decades-long resistance to opening the archives, kept in the town of Bad Arolsen. The files, which make up one of the largest Holocaust archives in the world, are more than 15 miles, or 24 kilometers, long and hold up to 50 million documents, some seized by the Allies as they liberated concentration camps.

"We now agree to open the data in Bad Arolsen," Justice Minister Brigitte Zypries said at a news conference here. She said her country would seek revision of an international arrangement that governs the archives, The Associated Press reported.”

60 years of amnesia is a bit much? Surely they have nothing to hide?

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