05 March 2006

I have Sinned!

Not me, honest but our beloved George.

Galloway, according to reports, is worried about divine retribution:

“Speaking on a radio show to be broadcast tomorrow, he says he has found it difficult to "stay on the porch" - a phrase used by Hillary Clinton meaning to remain faithful.

Galloway says: "I have committed a lot of sins and repeatedly. That makes you vulnerable.

"The point about sin is that you are supposed to repent, learn from it and not repeat it.

"On many personal levels, I have sinned a lot.

"My only hope is that my life as a whole and the totality of my time here will help make up for some of that. But that, of course, is in God's hands."

Galloway's private life hit the headlines in 1987 when he separated from his wife of eight years, Elaine.”

Poor man!

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