16 February 2006

Gone Forever

I tend to read more blogs than I comment on, and BannedByElf was one of my favourites. “Maven” covered a lot of ground from an interesting perspective.

Sadly, he is hanging up the blog for a while:

"Whilst "Maven" is disappearing and "banned by elf" is stopping, blogging is somewhat addictive and no doubt I will appear again under another alias writing in the comments boxes of other peoples blogs."

I hope he considers joining the team at SimplyJews, should the Elders have any vacancies? As someone needs to keep an eye on these wacked out “anti-Zionists” and he’s proven his wit and worth in this area, many times over.


Anonymous said...

Well, how much traction does a blog defaming critics of Zionist racism have these days? No wonder he's fed up.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

You might be right at that, onanimous. Everyone would be fed up with slogans like "Zionism racism". Except moonbats like you, of course.

Strange you don't come to visit out place.