03 September 2005

Katrina and the Wackos

I occasionally look into weirdo conspiracy theories (no, I don’t believe them) but I think they do say something about modern day society and how seemingly rational people will articulate such nonsense.

A major crisis can bring the worst out in some people and the events in New Orleans is no different.

Rense is a fruitcake’s delight and their latest offering is on hurricane Katrina:

“The Illuminati and their government agents, Bush, Blair,Cheney, Rice, Putin, Sharon etc. etc. all play their roles in the Illuminati's hideous agenda of total control of Planet Earth. They do not care or have any compassion for the millions and possibly billions of humans who will have to be killed for the Illuminati to achieve their SICK agenda. Hurricane Katrina and the destruction and suffering it has caused is just one example of the SICK Illuminati minds who are behind the scenes manipulating these catastrophic wars and events on their way to achieve what they call their "Great Work of Ages".”


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