28 September 2005

German Elections

The media was full of speculation on the recent German elections, whether Schroeder or Merkel will be the next Chancellor. In the breakdown of the election results there is little coverage given to the 'other' section of voters.

Whilst we can see clearly the SPD or CDU totals, etc it is less clear who are makes up the 'others' in the breakdown of the votes, or at least unclear in English-language media.

Upon investigation the NPD (one of Germany's neo-Nazis parties) acquired some 1.6% of the vote, which might be considered small until we ponder that 1.6% translates into over 900,000 votes, and if they could recruit only one in 10 of their voters then that would leave the organisation potentially with 90,000 members.

A frightening prospect nowadays and if major changes were made to the German economy resulting in higher unemployment (greater than the current official 11.6%) the consequences are not bear thinking about.

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