05 August 2005

Satan's Teapots

The recent destruction of teapot in Malaysia caught my eye:

Members and visitors to the commune believe that water from the teapot, which poured into the giant vase, held purifying powers. They follow the teaching of Ariffin Mohammed, 65, better known as Ayah ("Master") Pin, who holds that every religion is equally valid and that anyone can find his or her own path to God. ...

Religious police raided the compound twice last month and nearly 50 of its members are due in an Islamic court this week, charged with deviation.

But the religious authorities fully approve of the state's actions. Haji Mohammed bin Junoh, the imam of the largest mosque in the area, said: "Pin is a deviationist. It is possible that he is dealing with Satan."

Now we know: Tea drinking is part of some weird Satanistic cult...humm

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