10 August 2005

A Legal Move

Saddam Hussein, Iraq's murdering dictator has fired most of his legal team, according to an ABC report:

“Saddam Hussein's family said Monday it has dissolved his Jordan-based legal team, canceling the power of attorney it had given to international lawyers in a move seen as reorganizing the ousted leader's legal counsel ahead of his upcoming trial.

But Saddam's former chief lawyer Jordanian Ziad al-Khasawneh, who resigned on July 7, claimed members of the legal team, especially Americans, had criticized him for rebuking the American occupation of Iraq and declaring the resistance as "legitimate."

He claimed former U.S. attorney general Ramsey Clark advised Raghad and other members of Saddam's family that such statements hurt Saddam's defense.”

Ramsey Clark has some funny connections, first Slobodan Milosevic and now Saddam Hussein.

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