09 August 2005

The Depravity Scale

Following on from Norms and Evil, the work of Dr. Michael Welner at Depravity Scale does provide some insights which may help people when reflecting on the 7/7 bombings.

From Indexing Evil Michael Welner, M.D., talks to Psychology Today News Editor Kaja Perina about The Depravity Scale.

"KP: How does September 11 factor into the Depravity Scale?

MW: People look at the hijackers and readily attach this spectrum of depravity. But they’re overlooking the very real possibility that these people were brainwashed, much the way destructive cult followers are. So are we dealing with depravity, or with an act of war? Is bin Laden psychopathic and depraved in his actions, or is he simply an Islamic populist?"

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