30 July 2005

A Scary Prospect

This month's Prospect runs an interview with Hassan Butt, a British Jihadist, who says:

Butt: Every Muslim must work for the Shari’a to be implemented as a political way of life. They can do that physically, by involving themselves in revolutionary coups, or through political means. As long as they don't attack or compromise other Muslims who are doing something different from them, I have no problem with any of these ways of establishing the Shari’a."


The second part is here.

"Taseer: What’s the position of the radical Islamic movement in Britain today? Is it growing or declining?
Butt: I do believe that support is growing. In the public eye it seems as though only a tiny number of Muslims are making this noise, but the fact is that only a tiny number have the courage to speak out. The rest won't, simply because they're worried about being persecuted by the government."

"Taseer: You're looking forward to death? Butt: Absolutely. As long as it's done properly. I'm terrified of dying normally, growing old, grey."

"Butt:..you know as well as I do that London has more radical Muslims than anywhere in the Muslim world. A bomb would jeopardise everyone’s position. "

That says alot.

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