07 July 2005

Reaction to Atrocities in London

Most people's first reaction to today's bombing in London would be shock, then worry, concern, anger and finally blame.

Who is to blame for these atrocities? It is unclear at the moment but looking at the wider issue:

• Was it the perpetrators of the murders?

• Could it be the actions of Western governments?

• Or some nebulous abstract?

It beggars belief that anyone sensible would even try to rationalise down on these vile acts and yet they do.

In my view, there are no excuses for these acts of terror, any more than they were excuses for Baader Meinhoff or Black September.

We shouldn't fool ourselves into believing every excuse, rationalisation and justification for these wanton acts of violence.

The perpetrators of these acts made a conscious choice to commit mass murder, for whatever, political, religious or psychopathic self serving justification.

The perpetrators of these bombs are to blame, just as much as Hitler was. Or should we believe his contemptible excuses about the Treaty of Versailles? Or blaming International 'Jewry' for WW2?

It speaks volumes that the likes of Galloway and the SWP can not resist making cheap shots at this time.

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