20 July 2005

Handy Software

Updating my previous post on Crap Cleaner: very handy tools, it does the job and removes a lot of unnecessary rubbish. The Issues function is very useful for rectifying minor discrepancies on XP systems.

But care should be taken to un-click the Cookie, if the setting on your favourite web sites vanish (they are mostly kept in local cookies on your machine), not a major problem.

I would run with the standard settings (remove all cookies) and then visit your favourite sites, allow cookies and then un-click the remove all cookies function again , that way you get the best of both worlds, tidy machine but enough cookie to make your life easier.

Another candidate for utility of the week is: Autoruns from Sysinternals

Autoruns beats MSconfig hand down and indicates the host of programs that run on start-up and clog up many systems.

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