15 July 2005

Exculpate the Jihadists

Drink-soaked Trotskyite Popinjays For WAR have excelled themselves with an entry on Ideological primacy and Jihadists, and in particular:

"Short-term objectives may indeed arise from time to time, but these are always presented as peremptory demands. They are forms of blackmail (do this or else) rather than policy (do this for such and such reasons), and where they conflict with long-term ideological objectives they are easily set aside. Jihadists are idealists in the very worst sense of that word, and their fantasies have nothing in common either with sane political thinking and calculation, or with materialist crtique of the conditions for such thinking and calculation."

I am not a fan of the war in Iraq, but I am much less keen on the whining apologists for the bombers' supposed 'grievance', of which we can ONLY speculate, as they are dead.

I think it is futile of people to project their own concerns on to the actions of these vile terrorists and, in part, exculpate them in the process

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