28 July 2005

Class or Privilege

David Ignatius makes some interesting observations about the background of many Jihadists:

"..it's a far more deadly revolt of privilege. But people who were students in the 1960s will remember the phenomenon: The kids from elite public and private schools who went to college, felt guilty about their comfort amid a brutal world, and joined the Progressive Labor Party to ally with oppressed Third World workers. There is a cult aspect to this jihad – an extreme version of the logic that has always drawn disaffected kids to self-destructive behavior."

What will stop this revolt of privileged Muslims? One possibility is that it will be checked by the same process that derailed the revolt of the rich kids in America after the 1960s – namely, the counter-revolt of the poor kids. Poor Muslims simply can't afford the rebellion of their wealthy brethren, and the havoc it has brought to the House of Islam. For make no mistake: The people suffering from jihadism are mostly Muslims.!

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Old Peculiar said...

Privilege and, of course, unearned wealth, in the case of the Saudis. Or relative unearned wealth in the case of British jihadis living on benefits.

Muslims in America have integrated better, possibly because there is no welfare culture. Work forces people to integrate, and to compromise with society, 'decadent' or not.

Talking of work, better do some!