03 June 2005

EU constitution

Harry is spot on

"The left needs to articulate a vision of a democratic EU for this new generation ..

Part of the European left finds itself sinking into that reactionary mire where it shares a stinking nihiism with the far-right. "

A simplified minimalist EU constitution would make better sense and easier to discuss. In this case following the American model might not be a bad idea.

Although tedious anti-Americanism would probably get in the way of admitting that a shorter and simpler EU constitution is better. The EU is not going to go away, therefore it is incumbent on people to ensure decent social policies and workable structures within it

The current 'Euroscepticism' which infects a wide range of people is little more than sophisticated xenophobia, even though people don't like to admit it.


Anonymous said...


Wow, what political commentary!

Not quite up there with Andrew Rawnsley yet, mate.

Regurgitating Harry's vacuous guff is not going to get you there.

Stick to techie issues.

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