13 May 2005

Cheap shots at Iraqi trade unionists

Iraq from the safety of Europe and viewed on TV looks disastrous, daily suicide attacks, kidnappings and beheadings.

Phil Lenton's comments in the Guardian letter page on the 10th of May 2005 demonstrate an immense loathing of genuine trade union organisation or incredible idiocy:

"He tells us that the Iraqi Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU) wants negotiations with employers and strike action. Well, they'll have to do the same as us and risk their jobs and livelihoods when they strike, just as we do."

Self-evidently trade unionists in the war-torn Iraq face insurmountable problems and daily dangers: the proliferation of guns combined with the existence of ex-Ba'athist and hostile fundamentalists, by comparison Europe is tranquil and problem free.

Such condescending comments from Phil Lenton are indicative of crass stupidity, which is occasionally exhibited towards ordinary Iraqis dealing with very genuine hardships in a war-torn country.

Replies to his points are here: support for Iraqi unions

Norm's blog covers the setup of Labour Friends of Iraq

I doubt few living trade unionists have ever setup or organised in the conditions that the Iraqis in , the IFTU find themselves and I wish them well.

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